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No one outworks Don Davis.
Caught up in the surge of energy and confidence following World War II, Don Davis took stock of his resources and decided to stake his future on curved plywood. His knowledge of furniture manufacturing convinced him that plywood components - with their superior strength, stability and workability - would gain increasing acceptance. Don's hunch has paid off handsomely. As improved equipment and adhesives are developed, Davis Wood Products is among the first to implement them, and Don Davis has worked long hours, since 1949, to assure the success of his vision.

Davis supplies everything but the glue.
Don's four sons joined him over the years and each has contributed his own unique abilities to a company which how employs over 200 people in four locations. The main plant in Hudson, North Carolina has grown to over 360,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space. A modern 40,000 square foot plant in New Albany, Mississippi has made a strong impact in this burgeoning furniture region. Veneer mills in Blenheim, South Carolina, coupled with company timberlands, give Davis Wood Products complete control of its raw materials. In fact, with the exception of adhesives, most of its raw materials originate entirely at Davis!

Furniture is only part of the picture.
In its over fifty years, Davis Wood Products has grown to be a complete supplier of processed wood products. Curved plywood for furniture applications is the foundation of the product line, but Davis is also known as a major supplier of flat plywood, fancy face veneers, particleboard and other types of sheet stock. Davis components are used in virtually every wood-working field. Kitchen and bath cabinetry, architectural applications, sporting goods, housewares, musical instruments, and even ladies footwear have benefited from the products and expertise of Davis Wood Products.